It's like we're just down the hall

Should you merge? Is your Human Resources team weighed down and unable to provide quality recruiting? Is your ownership structure and succession planning sound? Would you benefit from a more formalized approach to your financial record keeping and strategic planning?

There are times during a business's growth when it's critical to step back and take a comprehensive look at operations and finances. Our consultants and CPAs can assist you during these times and beyond. We'll harness decades of experience as we explore your unique situation. Then we'll provide customized solutions to help leverage your business for maximum success.

If your needs are more specific, we can help with those, too. Through our consulting and related services, we can be an extension of your staff. We may not be physically down the hall, but our response time is just as good and often better. The below list summarizes the more frequent types of support we provide businesses.

See our Services pages for more information. For an overview of our additional, comprehensive consulting services, please see our Services/Consulting page.

Ongoing services

Typically, after our initial assessment, businesses continue to rely on our ongoing services to keep them competitive and on the right track, benefitting from our year-round support team.

A partner for the long term

Many of our business clients have been with us for 10 years or more – a true testament to the value of our services and abilities. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for personal and financial success.

One number to call. One firm accountable. That's The Power of ServiceSM.

  • "They're the whole package. They provide honest, practical advice that keeps us heading in the right direction."

    Raj K. Maturi, MD
    Midwest Eye Institute, Indianapolis, IN

  • "They replace problems with solutions."

    Alex Blaine
    Blaine Pharmaceuticals

  • "It's just not all about the numbers. They understand accounting but don't settle for bean counting."

    Bob Scallan
    Starway Service

  • "We appreciate their culture of integrity and have complete trust in them with all our business dealings."

    Donald J. Raithel, MD
    Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati

  • "They won't lead us down the wrong path."

    Brad Kuhr
    Riverfront Steel

  • "Any accountant can give you the numbers, but it's their people who make the difference with clear insight."

    Frank Dumont, MD

  • "They are the equivalent of a versatile financial tool for a business like ours."

    Jeff Isenogle, Dalbert
    Woodruff & Isenogle Funeral Home

  • "I can call them and before we get off the phone, we have a plan to solve a problem or at least are moving toward it. I feel like I've chosen the Cadillac."

    John W. Richard, MD
    Bluegrass Family and Extended Care, Lexington, KY

  • "Honesty is their biggest differentiator."

    Steve Theodor
    McGlaughlin Oil

  • "They've made me immensely more profitable. I feel like I've got a team working with me, and I keep finding new things they can do for me. They have expertise in all aspects of business."

    Barry P. Gibberman, DMD

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