Doing more together

ScrogginsGrear formed January 1, 2014, when two of Greater Cincinnati's most reputable management consulting and CPA firms merged to expand and strengthen services. Together, these firms have harnessed a combined history of more than 100 years of experience to offer privately-held businesses, medical/dental practices, non-profit organizations and individuals the highest level of client service in our region.

Clayton L. Scroggins Associates

Since 1945, Clayton L. Scroggins Associates has enjoyed a long history of success in serving private practice physicians and dentists. The company became one of the largest medical-dental consulting/CPA firms in the country, guided by third-generation ownership. Its size and success placed Scroggins Associates in a unique position to impact other businesses. Therefore, in 2011, as part of their strategic plan, company leaders began to explore how they could take the services that had been so beneficial to the healthcare sector and offer them to other industries as well. They decided they could venture into this expansion either on their own or by merging with a firm that was already recognized for its services to privately-held businesses and non-profit organizations.

Grear & Company

Grear & Company began in 1967 and grew to become one of the larger CPA consulting firms in the city. Like many local CPA firms, Grear provided tax and accounting services but also offered a large auditing and consulting practice to both for-profit and non-profit businesses. Grear & Company enjoyed a reputation with its clients as a firm that finds solutions and goes "beyond the numbers" for its clients. Grear's reputation with its employees received notice as well, such as multiple recognitions by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the "Best Places to Work in Greater Cincinnati."

The rest of the story

In March 2012, Scroggins Associates approached Grear & Company about the advantages of a merger. It made sense. Scroggins and Grear had enjoyed a satisfying working relationship for more than 20 years. Terry Grear first met the second-generation ownership of Scroggins through a non-profit organization they both served. The two firms began referring business to each other, and Grear performed internal audits for Scroggins. In addition, Grear was a perfect candidate for Scroggins leadership to approach because of the companies' shared values surrounding client service.

For more than a year and a half, Scroggins and Grear leadership intentionally explored values, strategy, services, culture and personnel integration. They spent countless hours in meetings and prayer to ensure a great outcome. Through this exploration, they discovered that although there is some service overlap, each firm also brings unique capabilities to complement the other's existing services.

It was with great excitement that Clayton L. Scroggins Associates and Grear & Company announced the merger of their two firms, effective January 1, 2014. The resulting firm of approximately 100 people is now known as ScrogginsGrear, creating one of the larger CPA consulting firms in the Greater Cincinnati area and serving more than 1,500 clients.

Scroggins's commitment to the healthcare sector remains strong. Now, with the addition of Grear's audit and consulting services, Scroggins Associates can offer more services to the healthcare community than ever before. Similarly, with the additional resources available through Scroggins, Grear & Company now can offer retirement, personnel, information technology and payroll services to its clients. As ScrogginsGrear, this more comprehensive company is in a unique position to serve the small to mid-sized market in our region with a full array of services.

  • "They're the whole package. They provide honest, practical advice that keeps us heading in the right direction."

    Raj K. Maturi, MD
    Midwest Eye Institute, Indianapolis, IN

  • "They replace problems with solutions."

    Alex Blaine
    Blaine Pharmaceuticals

  • "It's helpful to have someone with their experience navigate all the different dynamics of a larger practice."

    James Wendel, MD
    Mt. Auburn Ob/Gyn Associates

  • "It's just not all about the numbers. They understand accounting but don't settle for bean counting."

    Bob Scallan
    Starway Service

  • "We appreciate their culture of integrity and have complete trust in them with all our business dealings."

    Donald J. Raithel, MD
    Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati

  • "They won't lead us down the wrong path."

    Brad Kuhr
    Riverfront Steel

  • "They have the reputation, size and depth to handle our large practice and are extremely rapid in their response."

    Richard L. Liston, MD
    Dayton Eye Associates

  • "Any accountant can give you the numbers, but it's their people who make the difference with clear insight."

    Frank Dumont, MD

  • "They are the equivalent of a versatile financial tool for a business like ours."

    Jeff Isenogle, Dalbert
    Woodruff & Isenogle Funeral Home

  • "They take tremendous interest in me, not just as a client, but on a personal level, too, and want me to do well."

    Murray Dock, DDS, MSD
    Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry

  • "They bring the truth, even the hard truth, to the table."

    Roger Howell
    City Gospel Mission

  • "I can call them and before we get off the phone, we have a plan to solve a problem or at least are moving toward it. I feel like I've chosen the Cadillac."

    John W. Richard, MD
    Bluegrass Family and Extended Care, Lexington, KY

  • "Honesty is their biggest differentiator."

    Steve Theodor
    McGlaughlin Oil

  • "We feel very well taken care of and view them as an extension of our group. We couldn't do what we do without their support."

    Linda Raterman
    Chief Operating Officer
    Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center

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