Focusing on the big picture

There are key times in your life when it's helpful to step back and take a comprehensive look at your finances and goals. Our team of experts can assist you during these times and beyond. Whatever your life change or circumstance, we'll review your current situation and offer sound advice so you can rest a little easier about your future.

If you're not yet experiencing one of these pivotal times, we can help you be prepared for when you do. Through our consulting and related services, you can customize what you need when you need it. We also can assist you in planning and coordinating with your other advisors as needed.

Below are the most frequently requested areas of support we provide individuals:

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Ongoing services

Often, after our initial assessment, families continue to rely on our ongoing consulting to keep them on track, benefitting from our year-round support team.

A partner for the long term

The majority of our personal clients have been with us for 10 years or more – a true testament to the value of our services and abilities. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for personal and financial success.

One number to call. One firm accountable. That's The Power of ServiceSM.

  • "They're the whole package. They provide honest, practical advice that keeps us heading in the right direction."

    Raj K. Maturi, MD
    Midwest Eye Institute, Indianapolis, IN

  • "It's just not all about the numbers. They understand accounting but don't settle for bean counting."

    Bob Scallan
    Starway Service

  • "We appreciate their culture of integrity and have complete trust in them with all our business dealings."

    Donald J. Raithel, MD
    Anesthesia Associates of Cincinnati

  • "They won't lead us down the wrong path."

    Brad Kuhr
    Riverfront Steel

  • "Any accountant can give you the numbers, but it's their people who make the difference with clear insight."

    Frank Dumont, MD

  • "They take tremendous interest in me, not just as a client, but on a personal level, too, and want me to do well."

    Murray Dock, DDS, MSD
    Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry

  • "Honesty is their biggest differentiator."

    Steve Theodor
    McGlaughlin Oil

  • "They've made me immensely more profitable. I feel like I've got a team working with me, and I keep finding new things they can do for me. They have expertise in all aspects of business."

    Barry P. Gibberman, DMD

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